Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Records and First times....

First we will start with the Newark Jaycees 5K, First 5K of the season and it was a fun race. I haven’t done a 5K since last year, I think it was 00:24:00 5K at that point it was my fastest. This year I ran the Newark Jaycee’s 5K in 00:21:00! I placed 4th overall and I felt amazing! From the beginning my legs felt great, my body was ready to run and run fast. It was so cool to see that my winter training and miles I put in paid off.

Next up was my first Half Marathon (well stand alone). I did 13.1 during my Half Ironman last year but that is a different run. So my friend and I set out on Saturday with 13,000 of our closest friends.

We started the race felt great! We were running low 8:00 miles and it was going really good. We settled into our pace and knocked off the miles. It was a super fun run, through downtown Columbus with bands spectators galore and just a super positive energy in the crowd. We finished the Cap City Half Marathon in 1:52 not to bad for my first Half Marathon, now back to the drawing board.

This week is a rest week, after this week we start build 1 phase which looks like it is going to get pretty tough. Nothing I can’t handle. Next race on the calendar is the Columbus Olympic Triathlon (June 26th)

Hope everyone has a great week and the weather stays positive for the week.

Happy Training!



  1. Awesome job with the 5K PR AND the first half mary!

  2. Good work done in the first half marathon! Hope to see you triumph in the Columbus Olympic Triathlon.

    Tribulus Terrestris