Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Records and First times....

First we will start with the Newark Jaycees 5K, First 5K of the season and it was a fun race. I haven’t done a 5K since last year, I think it was 00:24:00 5K at that point it was my fastest. This year I ran the Newark Jaycee’s 5K in 00:21:00! I placed 4th overall and I felt amazing! From the beginning my legs felt great, my body was ready to run and run fast. It was so cool to see that my winter training and miles I put in paid off.

Next up was my first Half Marathon (well stand alone). I did 13.1 during my Half Ironman last year but that is a different run. So my friend and I set out on Saturday with 13,000 of our closest friends.

We started the race felt great! We were running low 8:00 miles and it was going really good. We settled into our pace and knocked off the miles. It was a super fun run, through downtown Columbus with bands spectators galore and just a super positive energy in the crowd. We finished the Cap City Half Marathon in 1:52 not to bad for my first Half Marathon, now back to the drawing board.

This week is a rest week, after this week we start build 1 phase which looks like it is going to get pretty tough. Nothing I can’t handle. Next race on the calendar is the Columbus Olympic Triathlon (June 26th)

Hope everyone has a great week and the weather stays positive for the week.

Happy Training!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to the team

I would just like to take this time and announce my first ever "sponsor". I am now joining the base performance ambassador program. I am super stoked for this opportunity and look forward to racing with base performance.

Week of Training
This week was a little rough. the weather was awful, making it hard to get out and get the volume done that I need to get done. Last weekend I ran 13.1 for my long run and i was feeling it in the legs this week.

I am prepping for the cap city half marathon on the 7th of May. Everything feels great and I am anticipating a pretty good race.

This weekend I am hoping to get the new Felt B16 out on the road for a short fast ride on Saturday afternoon. First ride on the new bike should be a fun weekend. My running partner and I are going to take our Sunday Long run and back it down and attempt for around 8miles and head to some trails.

Hope everyone has a great weekend lets all keep our fingers crossed for some sunny skies and warmer temps.

Happy training!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My name is Kris and I am a local Cyclist/Triathlete in the Greater Columbus area. check out my blog, and follow me as I train, blog and move my way up throughout the sport of triathlon.

I am in my 3rd season of triathlon looking to have a complete season of races. I plan of doing 5 Olympic Distance races ending the season at the Cedar point Rev3 Half distance triathlon. Along with these races I will be participating in multiple cycling events/tours throughout Ohio.

Stay with me as I journey through this season, during my trials and tribulations of racing training and life. I will be posting findings that i come across along with training advise for the newbies out there. I love helping others excel in the sport and in life. If I can be an inspiration to 1 person I have succeeded.

Safe Training